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Estimating Path Dependence in Energy Transitions 

[Paper] [NBER WP #22536] 

Dingel*, Jonathan I., Kyle C. Meng*, and Solomon M. Hsiang. 2018
The Spatial Structure of Productivity, Trade, and Inequality: Evidence from the Global Climate 
[Paper] [Video showing ENSO altering the global spatial correlation of temperatures (Fig. 8)]

Meng, Kyle C. 2017

Is Cap-and-Trade Causing More Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Disadvantaged Communities? 



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Alternate explanations for the blue paradox do not withstand statistical scrutiny
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, forthcoming.

McDermott*, Grant R., Kyle C. Meng*, Gavin G. McDonald, and Christopher J. Costello. 2018
The Blue Paradox: Preemptive Overfishing in Marine Reserves
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.
           [Paper] [Appendix] [Replication]

Deschenes*, Olivier and Kyle C. Meng*. 2018
Quasi-Experimental Methods in Environmental Economics: Opportunities and Challenges
Handbook of Environmental Economics, Vol. 4.
[Paper] [Simulation code] [NBER WP #24903]

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Temperature Effects on Productivity and Factor Reallocation: Evidence from a Half Million Chinese Manufacturing Plants 
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 88(3), 1-17.
           [Paper] [NBER WP #23991]
           Media coverage: IBTimes, HuffPost, UCSB, KCSB interview

Meng, Kyle C. 2017
Using a Free Permit Rule to Forecast the Marginal Abatement Cost of Proposed Climate Policy
American Economic Review, 107(3), 748-84.
[Paper] [Appendix] [Replication

Meng, Kyle C., Kimberly L. Oremus and Steve Gaines. 2016
New England Cod Collapse and the Climate
PLOS ONE, 11(7).
[Paper] [Appendix] [Replication]
Media coverage: KCSB interviewUCSB press release, Columbia press release, Business Insider, Science Daily, Newswise, Eurasia Review

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[Paper] [Replication]
Media coverage: Washington Post

Hsiang, Solomon M., Kyle C. Meng, and Mark A. Cane. 2011 
Civil conflicts are associated with the global climate 
Nature, 476(7361), 438–441.
Media coverage:
News and Views by Andrew Solow 
Nature Editorial
TV interview with CBC NewsXinhua News (starts at 6:08). 
Other selected coverage: NPR, The Economist, BBC (World Service, print, BBC4), Washington Post,Financial Times, The New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, TIME, CBC (print, radio), Reuters,AFP, The Independent, Voice of America, The World, Slate, Scientific American, The Australian,Guangming Daily, L'Express, La Stampa, Spiegel, Época, ABC, Science, Nature Climate Change,Significance Magazine, other coverage (press release)

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OTHER WRITING (op-eds, research commentaries, older working papers)

U.S. Climate Policy following the Election
Slate. November 18, 2016.

El Niño and Global Inequality
G-FEED. November 9, 2015.

El Niño: a global weather event that may save California — and destroy the tropics
(with Solomon M. Hsiang)
Guardian Op-Ed. September 21, 2015. 
            Media coverage: KCBS San Francisco, Radio interview. KNX Los Angeles, Radio interview

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Analysis of Statistical Power Reconciles Climate-Conflict Results in Africa 
[Paper] [CEGA WP #053]

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Temperature and Violence
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General Resilience to Cope with Extreme Events
Sustainability, 4(12), 3248-3259.


The Social Cost of Lobbying over Climate Policy 
(with Ashwin Rode)

Demographic Responses to Climate Change
        (with Tom S. Vogl)

Climate Policy and the Distribution of Local Pollution: Evidence from California
        (with Danae Hernandez-Cortes and Matthew Zaragoza-Watkins)

The Value of Water: Evidence from Groundwater Property Rights
        (with Andrew Ayres and Andrew Plantinga)
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